Katana by Bizen Kiyomitsu Genki Ni Nen (1571) with EDO ERA koshirae NBTHK Hozon papers

Katana by Bizen Kiyomitsu Genki Ni Nen (1571) with EDO ERA koshirae NBTHK Hozon papers

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This is a finely mounted katana by one of the Bizen smiths named Kiyomitsu. It is signed Bizen (no) Kuni Jyu Osafune Kiyomitsu Tsukuru. It is also dated Genki ni-nen hachigatsu hi, meaning August of 1571. It has a length of 71.1 cm. It has graceful koshi-sori, as one would expect from a Bizen blade of the Muromachi era. The hada is itame with areas of mokume and there is pronounced utsuri in the ji. The hamon is suguha compriced of ko-choji with a bright and clear nioi-guchi. There are many activities within ha. There are bo-hi on both sides of the blade and nakago is ubu with two mekugi-ana.

This blade was made towards the end of the end of the period of the country at war and probably saw use on the battlefield as coveted property of Samurai. There are few areas of very minor openings in hada, as one would expect of the blade of this age that has seen use and been throught many polishes. There are no flaws.

This blade comes with an outstanding set of koshirae from the Edo era. The saya is a reddish brown lacquer that shows great age but in excellent condition. The tsuba, fuchi, kashira and menuki are shakudo with gold dragons and family mon. There is an umabari with shakudo shishi dogs. The tsuka is wrapped with leather that has been lacquered. There is a large iron higo style kojiri that also has a dragons. The tsunagi is signed by Honami Nisshu attesting to the fact that this is koshirae for this blade.

The blade comes with NBTHK hozon papers and there is a sayagaki by Honami Nisshu.