Japanese Chosen (Korean) dagger

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Nice example of an extremely rare and seldom ever encountered Japanese Chosen (Korean) dagger that would have been carried by Japanese Officials assigned to the Colonial Administration of Korea that dates from the World War 2 Era. It is mounted with a beautiful machine made blade that measures 24 cm in length which remains in very nice original condition with just one minor surface blemish near the habaki on one side but with all of its gorgeous chemically applied wavy temper line still fabulously present on both sides. It wears lovely simple fittings which are accentuated with the “KIRI” emblems, one on the back strap as well as one on the pommel. The hilt features an attractive white “samé” covering that remains in very nice, clean healthy condition and with all of its twisted wire wrapping securely intact. The outstanding scabbard is lacquer shagreen covered and remains superb in its condition. The beautiful coordinating scabbard fittings also remain very nice however the gold wash is now a bit faded.

Total length is: 40.9 cm.