1883 Jaapani mereväe allohvitseri kortik


(English) 1883 Pattern Senior Petty Officers and the most junior commissioned officers naval dirk complete with its original leather wrapped scabbard that fits like a glove Seen on page 145 of “Japanese Military and Civil Swords and Dirks” by Richard Fuller and Ron Gregory (Published 1996) Described by those EXPERT authors as “EXAMPLES OF THESE DIRKS ARE RARE” This dirk is VERY DIFFERENT to the 1883 Pattern Commissioned Officers model (which are also far from “common”) because they do not carry the floral ornamentation of Cherry Blossoms usually seen on the officer’s pattern The handle shape is very distinctively different, as is the blade configuration and grove MOST ships of the Imperial Japanese Navy went to Davy Jones’s Locker rather than surrender, that likely a contributing factor to the great SCARCITY of these on the collector market today.



1883 Jaapani mereväe allohvitser kortik.

  • Üldpikkus: 42 cm.
  • Tera pikkus: 25.7 cm.
  • Tera laius: 2 cm.