Juugend stiilis WMF puuviljavaagen


(English) Art Nouveau WMF Fruit vase, centre-piece. WMF = Wurtembergische Metalwaren Fabriek, Germany.

Silver plated fruit bowl with WMF: WMFB I/0. (Thi is one of the earliest WMF marks,  which were used from 1880 until 1918yy.) The inscription “WMF” is here fused with the additional “B” – this mark means that the piece is rare “Britannia metal base”.

2 flowers are missed on one side of the fruit bowl.

  • Dimensions: 19.5 x 57 x 33 cm.



Juugend stiilis WMF puuviljavaagen. Hõbetatud. WMF – proov. 2 lillekest on puudu.

WMF = Wurtembergische Metalwaren Fabriek, Saksamaa.

  • Mõõdud: 19.5 x 57 x 33 cm.