Hiigelsuur pronks kuju “Kollekstionäär”


(English) Extremely Rare Bronze Figure “The Collectors”. The sculpture depicts two collectors investigating an antique sword. They are standing next to an Egyptian relief surrounded by the items referential to antiques and collectibles. Very good quality cast with a remarkable detalization and an elaborate composition. The signature of a french sculptor Henri Honoré Plé (1853-1922) – a member of the association of French painters and sculptors established in 1881 “Société des Artistes Français”. He was awarded with a bronze medal at the Exposition Universelle of 1900 in Paris.


Height: 80 cm.

Weight: circa 60 kg.

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Hiigelsuur pronks kuju “Kollekstionäär”. Prantsusmaa. Skulptor: Henri Honoré Plé (1853-1922).

Kõrgus: 80 cm.

Kaal umbes: 60 kg.